1. Mine

From the recording Alchemie EP

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Producer – Danny Anton
Assistant Producer – Andrew J. Lynch
Singing/Vocals – Mie
Bass – Danny Anton
Drums – Andrew J. Lynch
Guitar – Ted Koth
Guitar – Brad Richter
Keyboard – Mie
Tambourine – Andrew J. Lynch


You don't know how much I've cried
Since I had to say goodbye
You don't know the pain I've felt
So, don't tell me I am not myself

Why couldn't you give it a try
To take me seriously for once, why?
Maybe I am someone else
But that doesn't mean I am not myself

It's hard to believe that this too shall pass
I had to leave 'cause you refused to grasp
That I'm my own not yours to control
I'm my own not yours to control

If you can't face what your life's become
Nothing will change and you'll remain numb
If I can't use my trauma as an excuse
Then you can't blame me for your attitude

You don't know how hard I've tried
To show you I am only mine